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Who We Are?

We are one of the most respected Indian investment research firms for analysing mutual fund schemes to empower  individual investors, financial Professionals  and institutional investors for taking well informed investment decisions.  We are one of the most reliable source of independent investment analysis of Indian Mutual Funds for all levels of mutual fund investors.

Why We Set up this Organisation?

We felt  that normally people  did not have access to the same level of  information as Finance Professionals and Institutional Investors. We realised that common investors lacked the necessary information to make matured  investment decisions. To fulfil this need,  Manoj Shrivastava, Chartered Accountant and Rahul Narayan , Chartered Accountant set up this organisation .

What We Do?

We provide detailed analysis and research for making investments in Indian mutual funds. We do a comprehensive research of mutual fund schemes considering their performance, their portfolio, and other key factors like PE ratio, PB ratio, quality of assets, Average maturity and modified duration etc   and provide you our unbiased analysis to help you  make investment in mutual fund schemes. We provide you answers to all your probable queries regarding investment in mutual fund schemes. We guide you how to invest in various Mutual Funds.

We are seriously working on the project of creating investment awareness among Indian people at large. Our mission is to spread the financial literacy among Indian people. We feel that  Indians  in general believe in saving but somehow  they  lack  in making long-term investment decisions. Our aim is to spread the message that now  people should upgrade and change  themselves  from  SAVERS  to INVESTORS  .

We are doing our best to convey the message to the investors that they should identify their life goals and start investing for their various  goals like education and marriage of their kids, buying of the house and retirement planning. If people understand the  importance of starting investment at an early age, as soon as they start earning,  definitely they can create a good wealth for themselves  and they can achieve all their life goals successfully without any problem.

We are all in for investors. We have a mission to help people achieve their financial goals. Our commitment is that you will get best research and unbiased investment analysis so that you can invest in mutual fund schemes with absolute confidence to achieve your financial goals.


There are over 40 Mutual Funds in India offering thousands of investment schemes.  There is a choice overload to select the scheme which best suits investment  objective of the  investor.

AMRY WORLD has been developed to provide to investors, mutual fund distributors and  investment advisors an excellent source of investment analysis to take well informed investment decision for mutual fund investments.  Besides, it empowers them with knowledge relating to mutual fund ecosystem through Investor Education and  Distributor Education section.

The investor will get research based unbiased investment analysis under various headings such as Best Funds, Scheme Comparison, Investment X- Ray, Scheme Selector and Investment Planner in a user-friendly manner. Besides , there are sections of Investment Planners ,Investor Education, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Distributor Education.

Let us have a tour of the website…….

“BEST FUND” section of AMRY WORLD helps the investors to find out best  mutual fund schemes. It is an in house research based analysis model containing step wise progression to find out the scheme performance on all relevant parameters  like  Returns of schemes for different time horizons, ranking status, risk measures like alpha, beta and SD, PE & PB ratios, Paper quality, Sharpe and Sortino and other miscellaneous information.

“SCHEME COMPARISON” section of AMRY WORLD helps the investors to compare and evaluate mutual fund schemes on all relevant key parameters.

“INVESTMENT X RAY” section of AMRY WORLD gives you  detailed analysis of the mutual fund schemes where you have already invested or wish to invest. You can select  schemes of your choice on the basis of plan, asset class, AMC, category, scheme and  investment amount. You should add scheme one by one.  Once you have added all schemes, you would get a comprehensive analysis of selected schemes on various important parameters.

Moreover, this section also provides you the pie-charts relating to Asset allocation, Category allocation and Fund allocation for a better visual presentation and easy understanding.


Mutual Funds give a number of investment options to the investors. There are Equity, Debt , Hybrid and other solution oriented investment class. Even within an investment class – be it Equity or Debt or Hybrid etc, there are many investment categories  to choose from. Now the question arises how to select investment class and their categories. First of all, Investors need to decide for how much duration they wish to invest. After deciding investment duration, they should decide which investment class and investment category is best suited to them.

 Scheme Selector section of AMRY WORLD has been designed to help investors to find the best schemes depending on the time duration for which an investor wish to invest. It is an in house research based analysis model containing step wise progression to find out the most suitable scheme on all relevant parameters.  Investor can select investment duration of their choice, ranking, asset class followed by scheme category, and AMC. Just by one click on ‘Apply’ button, the investor can get all the relevant results with different features  Minimum investment duration for Equity Funds has been presumed to be three years.


An Investment Plan refers to investing the funds with the correct investment option  to meet the future financial goals of the investor and his family. These financial goals may be planning for post retirement living, buying a house, education expenses of children, their marriage, buying vehicle and many more. Investment Planner section of AMRY WORLD has been developed to help investors for this planning


Today, one of the most promising industry in financial sector in India is the Mutual Fund Industry in terms of Performance, Product diversification,Volume, Transparency, and the professionalism but still not adequately explored by Indian masses.

It is commonly observed that people want to invest their savings in financial market to earn good returns. They even talk curiously about the populace who earned handsome amount by investing in mutual fund schemes. But they hesitate in investing their own money due to lack of adequate knowledge.

If people understand the importance of starting investment at an early age, as soon as they start earning, definitely they can create a good wealth for themselves and they can achieve all their financial goals successfully without any problem.

Hence, it is important for all existing and prospective investors to understand the fundamental ecosystem of Mutual Funds.

Keeping this phenomenon of general investors in view, a dedicated segment for investor education has been introduced in this website of AMRY WORLD to empower investors with sound knowledge of mutual fund investment process. This contains the twelve broad sections which are further classified in sub sections for the convenience of readers & learners.

Every section is related with one separate aspect of mutual funds ecosystem. Investors can go through the sections to gain a comprehensive knowledge of all the aspects of mutual fund industry.

This will certainly help the readers to understand the regulatory framework, products, process & functioning of mutual funds and make them capable to take matured investment decisions.


Mutual Fund Industry is fast growing  in terms of Volumes, Returns, Intermediaries, Transparency, Reach and the professionalism.

A study conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in collaboration with the Association of Mutual Fund in India (AMFI) has concluded that the Mutual Fund Industry in India has the potential to grow to Rs. 100 Trillion well within the current decade. It also concluded that 4 Lakh additional distributors will be required to achieve the accelerated distribution outreach and to meet the ambitious growth targets.

Therefore, there is an immense scope for this industry to grow to four times from now and a consequential scope for aspiring professionals to enter this field and make a mark.

Distributor Education section of AMRY WORLD assists the aspirants who want to pass the NISM (National institute of Securities Markets) certification exam to become a certified mutual fund Distributor. Besides  this course will open the opportunities to the learners to work with different AMCs (Asset Management Companies), Mutual Funds Distribution houses, Banks and other financial institutions as a mutual fund professional. The focus of the course content is to inculcate the specified knowledge of all the aspects of mutual funds including Product lines, Regulatory Framework, Functional areas, Scheme evaluation, Financial Planning & Recommendations, Investor Services, Tax provisions etc.



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