Investor Awareness Course

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About this course

This course is designed to provide an introduction to basic financial planning and investment concepts for young investors with special emphasis on investments in Mutual Funds.

There is a large population of youth in India who are earning good money from their job or business. They have some savings also but they are not fully aware of how to invest the savings. They are not precisely aware as to how to deploy the savings in various investment opportunities so that their money grows and earns for them.

Investor awareness course is focused to make them aware with fundamental aspects of investments with particular focus on Mutual Fund investments.

This course is organized in seventeen separate sections. Each section has different sub sections. Topics covered include Fundamentals of Financial Planning and investment, Common assumptions and mistakes, Wealth creation through power of compounding on investment, Time Value of money, Introduction to Investment avenues and functional aspects of Mutual Funds investments.

Investor awareness course is supported by a Mock Test to assess the learning after completing this course.

Why should you join this course?

This course is best suitable for person willing to invest in different financial products but do not have adequate exposure of investment eco system.

Youngsters who want to either learn about investing or start investing but questions like how to invest, which investment route will be better for them or many other such questions keep crossing their minds, are expected to get the solution in simple words. Such people can take advantage of this course and can become aware of all the fundamental aspects of investing.

Course Duration

It is expected that most of the beginners will be able to go through and understand the contents of this course within a week’s time such that they are able to attempt the mock test and assess their own performance quickly.

What will you learn?

After successfully completing this investor awareness course, the participant will become aware of various fundamental and practical aspects of financial investments and other investment related day to day activities. They will be particularly more aware of what the Mutual Funds are and how the Mutual Funds work for the investor.

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